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(article reproduced from the April 2005 edition of Crop Protection Monthly)

Cropnosis Ltd ( is an independent provider of market research, industry analysis and strategic consulting to clients in the agrochemical, agricultural biotechnology and investment banking sectors. Based in Edinburgh, Scotland, the company was formed in August 2003 by former Wood Mackenzie (WM) consultants, Dr Kin Cheung and Gautam Sirur, when they acquired the WM crop protection interests. With a team of three, Cropnosis is able to service changing industry needs whilst maintaining the high standard of quality for which it is renowned. The business also utilises the support of a network of other experienced consultants and primary data providers in the EU, Americas and Asia. 

Agrochemical Service (ACS)

“The Agrochemical Service, launched in 1977 is now one of the foremost reference sources on the global agrochemical industry,” said director Gautam Sirur. "Our clients include the leading research-based multinationals, investment banks, fund managers, intermediates and generic chemical manufacturers, industry associations, research, government organisations and universities”. Since the mid-1990s, the ACS has also covered the commercial aspects of input traits in the agricultural biotechnology sector. It tracks and analyses the performance and trends of the industry including those of the leading companies; covering the market from country, product and crop perspectives. The  ‘Outlook’ provides long term forecasts for each aspect of the crop protection and biotechnology sectors. The service is delivered to clients online. It provides rapid access to the latest research and provides annual updates of companies, products, countries and crops market profiles. In addition, the analysis is kept current with the Agrochemical Monitor, a quarterly update, and PhytoPhile, a monthly e-newsletter which includes all the significant news breaking in the industry. Analysts’ support is a prime consideration for clients. 


Interactive database with 570 actives

Cropnosis also offers two other databases that complement the Agrochemical Service. Firstly the Agrochemical Products Database (APD), an interactive database that provides comprehensive data on over 570 active ingredients including commercialised products and those in late-stage development. Key features include five years historical and forecast global sales and volume data, product/crop/pest relationships, proprietary and generic manufacturers, brand names, launch dates, application routes and rates and concise commercial commentary on the product. There is an in-built Product Analysis module that helps users generate reports on around 500 different queries on product rankings, identifying the leading products in selected years, as well as showing historical and forecast growth rates by active, chemical category and product type. “The APD is considered by many to be an essential tool for evaluating company portfolios, the competitive environment and the future evolution of the agrochemical market,” Mr Sirur told Crop Protection Monthly.  

There is also the Agrochemical Markets Database (AMD) that allows users to analyse herbicide, insecticide, fungicide and other agrochemical sales by crop for each country and region; identify the main competing companies in the major markets and compare the agrochemical sales split globally and regionally with the leading country markets. Current and historical data on the area and production of all commercially important field and specialist crops by country and region are included. Users are also able to add their own customised notes.


Cropnosis also offers strategic consulting and quality advice. The company’s knowledge base and understanding of the market, reinforced through its co-operation with a network of industry contacts can help clients to achieve a competitive edge in the global scene. Ad hoc studies are tailored to meet specific client needs. Cropnosis consultants have successfully completed assignments for clients in areas of competitor analysis, due diligence - technical and commercial for mergers and acquisitions, market opportunity assessments, product/market evaluation and sales forecasts, market entry strategy’ price sensitivity, company strategic review and partnering opportunities.


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