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Based on its wide experience of working with the agricultural press and media, Market Scope Europe Ltd, the publisher of Crop Protection Monthly, provides a range of PR services that include corporate communication, the preparation and distribution of press releases, the production of electronic/printed newsletters and the management of company events.  

For further details telephone:

Martin Redbond on +44 (0)1473 831645 or email


Marketing Research and Consultancy Services

As well as publishing Crop Protection Monthly, Market Scope Europe Ltd offers a range of market research and consultancy services that are mostly tailored to the individual needs of client organisations. These include multinationals, local national companies, market research agencies, management consultancies and advertising agencies. Past projects include:

      In-depth studies of crop protection markets in the UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Belgium,     Austria, Switzerland, Turkey and Morocco

      Multi-client study of the UK market for potato sprout suppressants

      Survey of the European market for micronutrients

      Review of the global market for generic agrochemicals

      Study of the UK home and garden pesticide market

      Surveys of the Italian markets for non-agricultural pest control and fly control

      Multi-client study of the European market for control of Botrytis

      Study of the UK market potential for a new potato herbicide

      Management of a global electronic customer satisfaction survey

      Assessment of the European market potential for a new cereal herbicide

      Management of a farm-based survey of European fertiliser usage

      Review of the potato blight and grape downy mildew markets in the EU

      UK survey into how farmers use cereal fungicides

      Study of the market potential for new laboratory equipment, based on 150 detailed interviews   with life scientists in the USA, Japan and Europe 

For further details telephone:

Martin Redbond on +44 (0)1473 831645 or email