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2005 Conference Calendar

26-28 January 2005 - 9th National Symposium of Phytopathology,  in Seville, Spain

3-6 April 2005 Antifungals: Discovery and Mode of Action. This conference to be held at Churchill College, Cambridge is organised by the BioActive Science and Pest Management Groups of SCI. A core programme of international speakers will cover issues surrounding the value of genomic "tools" to identify and validate new targets, whole cell versus molecular screening , new modes of action, resistance , and emerging new diseases. There will also be a poster session to discuss on-going research.



10 May - 57th International Symposium on Crop Protection

at the University of Ghent, Belgium.    Email:

22 - 26 May 2005 - SETAC Europe 15th Annual Meeting.
The Raison d'Etre of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry in Lille, France Email:

24 - 25 May - 12th International Conference on Registration of Agrochemicals in Europe
being held by IBC Life Sciences at the Crowne Plaza, Brussels, Belgium.
This event is a "must" for registration and regulatory specialists. Speakers  included some of the leading regulators from the European Commission and Member States as well as consultants and specialists from the private sector.



2 June - Innovation and intellectual property:serving society, securing the future. This event is CropLife International's fifth annual conference. It is being held at the Hotel Sheraton, Brussels, Belgium and will bring together a diverse range of stakeholders from academia, governments, research institutes, and NGOs.


CropLife International - representing the global plant science industry

6 to 7 June - 3rd International Conference on Pesticide Residues in Food organised  by Akademie Fresenius and Institut Fresenius being held by  at the Park Inn Cologne City-West, Cologne, Germany. This event is  for analytical chemists, toxicologists and legislators from the agrochemical and food industry,  food retailers, national authorities and research institutes. The subjects for discussion include e.g. multimethods for the assessment of pesticides in water, use of GC-HR-TOF and GC-FAST-TOF, enforcement methods provided by the registrants, U.S. EPA pesticide enforcement method guidelines, residues in ACP countries and risk communication.

4 - 11 June - Plant Protection and Plant Health in Europe - Introduction and spread of invasive species at Humbolt University, Berlin, Germany, organised by Deutsche Phytomedizinische Gesellschaft and BCPC.


16-17June  Cereals 2005

This popular annual arable event incorporates Sprays & Sprayers and is organised by the Royal Agricultural Society of England, in association with ADAS, the East of England Agricultural Society, Farmers Weekly, HGCA, Syngenta and Velcourt.  In 2005 Cereals  will be held at Rectory Farm, Guilden Morden, Cambridgeshire.

The  event consists of four main areas:

  • Crop plots demonstrating the latest varieties and seed treatments

  • Working machinery cultivation demonstrations

  • Sprays and Sprayers demonstration arena and sprayer related exhibitors

  • General trade exhibitors including all the agribusiness and machinery static exhibits

27 to 28 June - 7th International AGRO Conference on Behaviour of Pesticides in Air, Soil and Water  being held at the Park Inn Cologne City-West, Cologne, Germany is organised by Akademie Fresenius and Institut Fresenius . This event is for environmental fate, ecotoxicology, registration and regulatory specialists. The subjects for discussion include fate, exposure and regulatory issues including progress towards amending the Directive 91/414/EEC, experiences in new Member States including environmental criteria, work of the EFSA's PPR Panel and how it contributes to the risk assessment process, the EU Soil Thematic Strategy, FOCUS groundwater, FOCUS surface water and GeoPEARL.

28-29 June - Implementing REACH: Chemicals Policy Review and future workability at Jolly St Ermins Hotel, London.  Proposals before the European Parliament are designed to eliminate the differences between existing and new chemicals and to address concerns over the potential effects of chemical exposure on human health and the environment . This conference will provide an update on the status of the Chemicals Policy review with a focus on the legislation, application and regulation of chemical substances in the European market place.

29 June-1July - 8th Workshop on Spray Application Techniques in Fruit Growing in Barcelona, Spain. This event is organised by Escola Superior d'Agricultura de Barcelona (ESAB) and the Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya (UPC). Oral presentations and posters will be presented by speakers from all over the world. There will also be field demonstrations of sprayers and visits to research units.


3-6 July - The Royal Show -  The UK's most prestigious agribusiness and country lifestyle event, held at a permanent site in Stoneleigh, near Kenilworth, Warwickshire.

13 July - Advances in Potato Cyst Nematode Management - organised by the Association of Applied Biologists and held at the Harper Adams University College. The scientific programme of the conference is likely to cover many aspects of the management of potato cyst nematodes including legislation, distribution, sampling, GPS/GIS, population dynamics, diagnostics, integrated management, resistance (including GM plants), rotational control, chemical control, biological control and novel control methods.

20-21 September - Registration of Agrochemicals - revision of Directive 91/414/EEC and current progress with the EU review of existing substances. Organised by IIR Life Sciences and held at the Ramda Plaza Regents Park Hotel in London.  

3-5 October - AgChemForum 2005, held in Amsterdam is the global meeting place for the agrochemical and related industries. Now in its 5th year AgchemForum is made up of a series of five focused one-day industry seminars and practical workshops that provide updates on key changes in global agrochemical regulation.

A global meeting place for the agrochemical industry made up of a series of focused one day seminars

25-26 October - Jornadas de Productos Fitosanitarios, an annual event organised by the Institut Quimic de Sarria in Barcelona.

24-25 October - 2nd International Conference on Mites in Crops.

26-27 October - 7th International Conference on Pests in Agriculture.

These conferences are being held in Montpellier, France, by the French plant protection association, AFPP. A French/English simultaneous translation will be provided.



31 October - 2 November - BCPC International Congress - Crop Science & Technology, in Glasgow, UK.

11 November - Registration of Agrochemicals: Meeting Current and Future Challenges. This is an intensive one-day seminar designed to give the delegates a detailed overview of the current agrochemical regulations in Europe.

5 to 7 December - Global Harmonisation of Agricultural Pesticides. This conference organised by IIR and held in London will address international regulatory cooperation, worksharing arrangements and risk reduction strategies.

8 to 9 December - 5th Fresenius ECOTOX Conference on Aquatic and Terrestrial Ecotoxicology and Risk Management  being organised by the SGS Institut Fresenius and Akademie Fresenius at the Holiday Inn Köln in Stadtwald, Cologne, Germany. This event is  for ecotoxicology, registration and regulatory specialists. The subjects for discussion include e.g. the assessment in the EU regulatory process, test strategies for soil organisms, non-target terrestrial plant testing, the implementation of the results of aquatic higher-tier studies with pesticides in EU legislation, higher-tier risk assessments for birds and mammals, progress with EUFRAM and WEBFRAM, risk mitigation strategies.
12 to 13 December -  4th Fresenius Conference on Food Safety and Dietary Risk Assessment
being organised by the
SGS Institut Fresenius and Akademie Fresenius
at the Atrium Hotel, Mainz near Frankfurt, Germany. This event is  for analytical, risk assessment, food risk management, quality assurance, registration and regulatory specialists. The subjects for discussion include e.g. the risk assessment of pesticides in the peer review procedure, WHO Consumption Cluster Diets, processing factors for pesticide residues in food and feed, the variability factor, probabilistic intake assessment, risk assessment strategies, mixtures of pesticides, and risk benefit analysis of contaminants in fish.

14-15 December - Production and Protection of Potatoes and Sugar Beet. A two day conference organised by the Association of Applied Biologists and held Cambridge in the UK.

14-16 December - GM crops: 10 years on. A three day conference organised by the Association of Applied Biologists and held Cambridge in the UK. In the mid-1990s plant biotechnology emerged from the laboratory into world agriculture. Ten years on leading scientists from academia and industry from around the world are gathering to look back over the last ten years and forward to the next ten years of GM crop development. 

10-12 January  2006 - International advances in pesticide application 2006. A three day international conference organised by the Association of Applied Biologists to be held at Robinson College, University of Cambridge, UK. The conference will discuss pesticide (and biopesticide) application issues with platform and poster presentations from key workers in fields ranging from biology to engineering.


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